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Perdaman Pharmaceuticals

Perdaman Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd specialise in the supply of quality pharmaceutical preparations for the international market.

We have an extensive portfolio ranging from tablets and capsules to liquid orals and dry syrups, covering various therapeutic segments for various countries.

Perdaman Pharmaceuticals has acquired another pharmaceuticals company named ‘Sunrise International Labs’ located Hyderabad, in the South of India. With this new acquisition, and growth plan, Perdaman Pharma wll quickly move forward in achieving its goal to be among the major players in region

Facts about the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry

  • The output of the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry ranks 3rd in the world, terms of volume, and 13th in terms of value.
  • Around 8% of the World’s drugs are manufactured in India.
  • India has the highest number of quality manufacturing plants in developing countries.
  • At present, India is among the top 20 pharmaceutical exporters world wide and has the largest number of US FDA inspected plants (119 plants), outside of the USA.
  • India is a choice of its global customers because of its technological strength, total self-reliance, low costs of production, low R&D costs, innovative scientific manpower, strength of national laboratories.
  • In cost efficiency India rates higher than other countries. This is visibly reflected in the manufacturing costs of US FDA-approved plants in India, wherein the costs are 65% lower than that in the US and 50% lower than that in Europe.
To provide pharmaceutical formulations to the worldwide market, through high quality products, strong partnerships with all stakeholders and our dedication to improving healthcare on an international scale.
To increase the quality of life for all, through innovative manufacture of quality and affordable, pharmaceutical products and services.