Creating a better


The Perdaman Brand

How are we Creating a Better Tomorrow?

Founded on sound principals, and strong social values, we are proud to see the Perdaman brand continue to grow as a reputable, quality manufacturer and exporter.

What makes the Perdaman Brand so special?

We believe it is the right of every human being to have access to affordable, quality healthcare, regardless of age or creed.

We understand the need to ensure that basic, quality healthcare is available for all, that’s why Perdaman works hard to invest in our people, technology, facilities, training and R&D, and distribution networking, so that the Perdaman brand , and the benefits we provide, will be available to everyone.

Formulations Development

Perdaman are active in the development of unique formulations. We believe in being proactive to client needs. Not reactive.

Development in Packaging

We pride ourselves on the quality and design of our packaging. We also work with our distributors and partners to custom make packaging to suite client and market requirement, as well as provide Perdaman packaging for our comprehensive product portfolio.

Development of Qualified Manpower

We invest in our people. With a highly qualified team working towards the same goals, we nurture young professionals to realise their dreams through encouraging creativity, vision and the sharing of knowledge from team member to team member. Our Management team work closely with staff to ensure that our team continues to grow with the Perdaman brand.